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Maximum Ride OC: Daxton Ride by BryanTheBomb Maximum Ride OC: Daxton Ride by BryanTheBomb
-Vital Statistics--------------------------------------------------------


    - The New Generation

    - "Dax"

 Human/Avian Hybrid (98% Human, 1% Falcon, 1% Hawk)


 14-16 (Physically) (is really just a little over five years old, prior to the epilogue of Maximum Ride Forever)


    - Dylan (Genetic Material/Hypothetical Father)

    - Maximum Ride (Genetic Material/Hypothetical Mother)

    - Phoenix (Hypothetical Sister)

    - Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen (Creator/Hypothetical Fraternal Grandfather)

    - Jeb Batchelder (Hypothetical Maternal Grandfather)

    - The Flock (Adoptive Family)

Status: Alive

Eye color: Turquoise

Hair color: Brown



The Flock

    - Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen


    - His hands and feet

Home: None


Daxton is about 6' 3'' with turquoise eyes - almost exactly like Dylan's - and brown hair. He is very handsome, with fair skin and a rather stocky build, being only slightly leaner than Dylan. In addition, his facial features somewhat resemble Dylan as well.

Daxton's wings are light tan, with greyish stripes on the primaries and light brown stripes on the secondaries. His covert feathers, as well as his tertials are a warm brown. It is likely that they are a mix of a falcon and a hawk.

Daxton usually wears a brown coat over a dark grey, long-sleeve shirt, which sports a blue tribal design on the right side. He also wears bark-blue jeans with a black leather belt and black boots. in addition, Daxton also wears fingerless leather gloves and a dog tag chain necklace.


Daxton's abilities include:

    - Flight: Like the flock, Daxton has wings and can fly.

    - Natural Abilities: Daxton, like other birds, has a built-in sense of direction and raptor-vision.

    - Underwater Breathing: Like the rest of the Flock, Daxton can breathe underwater Via gills on his neck.

    - Healing: Like Dylan, Daxton can heal small wounds sustained to himself using his saliva.

    - Physical Replication: Daxton can also recognize the DNA of others and can take their appearance, voice, and sometimes their abilities by making physical contact with any part of them. (Skin, Blood, Etc.) He usually keeps samples of other people's blood in order to use this power in a hurry. Daxton considers this his "Trump Card".

    - Other Abilities: Daxton is also an excellent piano player and - like Dylan - has a beautiful singing voice.


Daxton has an honest, humble and friendly personality, often preferring not to fight. He has a strong affection for his "parents", Max and Dylan, though Max usually doesn't return said affection. Perhaps the most noticeable part of Daxton's personality is his child-like energy and upbeat nature, which causes many people to underestimate him.

Despite his displeasure with Max being with Fang, he respects their decision to be together all the same.
Daxton tries often to be respectful to most people he talks to, though he does have his limits. When the line is crossed, he won't hesitate to stand up for himself or someone else. Though he hates to do it, he is also willing to kill if there is no other way.


Max: Daxton sees max as a mother to him, though Max usually doesn't feel the same way. They can have an uneasy relationship at times; however, Daxton tries his best to be respectful to Max, and Max can usually tolerate Daxton enough that they can work together easily.

Dylan: Dylan and Daxton consider each other father and son respectively and have a very good relationship. Daxton often feels that Dylan is the only person he truly trusts, aside from Max. When Dylan died Daxton was completely brokenhearted and pushed everyone else away.

Fang: Fang resents Daxton, seeing him as being worse than Dylan. Daxton however maintains a respectful attitude towards Fang, even when the two don't agree on something-- which is all the time.

Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen: In the beginning, Daxton saw Dr. Gunther-Hagen as a second father and was always obedient to him. However, after learning of Gunther-Hagen's true intentions, Daxton saw him as a monster and considered him an enemy.




    Daxton was created by Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen in the events of ANGEL after the latter went missing in the plane crash. Realizing that Max would stay with Fang in the end, Gunther-Hagen acquired both Max and Dylan's DNA and combined them to make a "child" that - in his eyes - would be the perfect being to lead the evolved species in the new world. This creation was bred in a laboratory and after many tests, Dr. Gunther-Hagen was convinced that the child was truly perfection. This child would come to name himself Daxton, a mix of the names of the two people from which he was bred: Max and Dylan.

    Angel - during one of her visions while she was being held in a laboratory - saw Daxton as the leader he was created to be, and therefore set out to find him once she was free. She succeeded and convinced him to come with her and be part of the Flock. However, Daxton's presence received negative responses from much of the Flock; especially Fang, who already was against the idea of Max and Dylan being together, let alone having a child. Max was also bothered by Daxton being there, but Angel convinced her that Daxton wasn't all bad and Max allowed him to stay, albeit with much debate. Dylan however was very accepting of Daxton and the two quickly began to see each other as father and son, and when Dylan left the Flock, Daxton went with him.

-Maximum Ride Forever-

    After the apocalypse happened, Daxton stayed with the Flock until they split up, at which point he went on his own, believing Dylan to still be alive. He eventually met up with the rest of the Flock in Russia, where all the mutants had gathered to battle The Remedy. After The Remedy was killed, Daxton ran into a Margaret A. - the girl who had been created as a new mate for Dylan - and helped her out of the caves of The Remedy's base. Daxton then went to find Max and Dylan, but unfortunately, the moment Daxton found them, Dylan had pulled a switch and sacrificed himself to bring Fang out of stasis.

    Daxton ended up being traumatized by Dylan's death and soon went into depression, distancing himself from everyone else. However; overtime, Daxton got help for this and gradually started to open back up to people. 


Daxton now lives in Peru with the rest of the Flock and is currently dating Margaret A..


    - Daxton's favorite color is light blue.

    - His favorite food is anything chocolate

    - Daxton is also a very good cook.

Theme song: Nickleback - "Burn It To The Ground"

Maximum Ride belongs to James Patterson
Daxton belongs to me
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